About TPI

As independent business owners, we at TPI understand the payroll challenges that your company faces on a daily basis. To meet your needs, we offer a customizable suite of payroll, HR, and benefit management solutions, all provided by dedicated and experienced professionals. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the payroll, HR, insurance, and banking industries, giving us a distinct edge over the competition. In fact, after 20 years in business, we still have the loyalty of the first client we ever signed. At TPI, we respect you as a valued business partner, and we will continually strive to prove that.

Services to Fit your Company's Needs

We provide customizable payroll, HR, and benefit services, tailored to your needs. We offer cloud-based time & attendance systems, payroll management, workers' compensation, and background checks — all with flat-fee pricing.

Time and Attendance

Our online time and attendance systems allow you to reduce payroll expenses and save on administrative time.

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Human Resources

We provide you with a complete employee onboarding system with fully-integrated HCM capabilities, allowing you to track the complete employee life-cycle, from date of hire to COBRA administration.

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Payroll Management

We offer comprehensive, complete cashflow management for any size business. Our services include direct deposits, tax filing, and reconciliation.

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Benefits & Insurance

TPI offers an integrated system of employee and employer benefits, allowing for easy management of your company's group health insurance, workers' compensation, and retirement plans.

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